About Us

Zeno Bakalian P.S. is a northwest law firm and escrow company located in Kirkland, Washington. Since 2001 we have provided value-added legal services to businesses and individuals throughout the greater Puget Sound. Below is a brief summary of some of the legal services we provide our clients.

Real Estate Law & Escrow. We handle a broad range of real estate law matters, including: purchases and sales, commercial and residential leases and evictions, real estate finance, easements, title problems, condo and homeowners associations, construction contracts and disputes, land use, and hazardous waste issues. We also provide price competitive escrow services, with the added advantage of attorney oversight.

Business Law & Estate Planning. We form companies and help business owners and businesses (including LLCs, corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietorships): prepare employment manuals and employment contracts, prepare and negotiate business contracts, resolve contractual and employment disputes, with succession planning, and with mergers and acquisitions.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution. Our attorneys represent clients in lawsuits, administrative hearings, mediations and arbitrations. Our cases have involved a wide variety of matters, including, for example: contract disputes, boundary disputes and adverse possession, business breakups, trust and estate disputes, hazardous waste cleanup, collections and foreclosures, and claims against stockbrokers. We also help individuals create an estate plan through wills and trusts, durable medical and financial powers of attorney, health care directives, and other estate planning documents.

Environmental Law & Land Use. Environmental law is one of our firm’s main areas of focus. Attorney Allan Bakalian has over 25 years of experience in all aspects of environmental law in Washington and Oregon. His focus includes regulatory compliance, hazardous waste cleanups, contribution and cost recovery advice and litigation, real estate due diligence and transactions, Superfund site cleanups, land use permitting and compliance, natural resource protection, and environmental litigation.

Commercial Finance & Collection. We also represent commercial and consumer lending institutions, helping them: review and prepare transaction-specific loan documents; resolve lien priority disputes; and collect on defaulted loans via workouts, lawsuits against borrowers and guarantors, judicial and nonjudicial deed of trust foreclosures, and post-judgment collection remedies.

Photograph taken by local freelance photographer Emily Greer, Copyright 2010.


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